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Highest turnout in recent history for Student Government Elections.

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Highest turnout in recent history for Student Government Elections

by Dimitry Tetin

This year’s voter turn out for the Student Government Elections was the highest in recent history, with a grand total of 313 votes. In 2004 it was 155, 106 in 2003 and 207 in 2002.

WHY? The higher rate of voter turnout was due to:
A) increased interest in school community on the part of the students (unlikely);
B) a belief that the Student Government will have an impact on the daily life of the students (unlikely);
C) better placement and staffing of the polling stations.

Despite starting their campaign two weeks early and distributing hundred of hand-made fliers, the Bare Party lost to the Reform Party (Maura Brewer, Chris Naka, Ken Otsuka, Stephanie Seagle). Much like the United State’s population, SAIC students prefer the incumbent: Chris Naka was part of the Deus ex Machina party that beat out the Arrangements last year

May 2005

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