Gurafiku: Japanese Graphic Design

October 31, 2014
/   Design / Jessica Barrett Sattell

Ryan Hageman investigates communication at the intersections of language and culture through both his work as a graphic designer and Gurafiku, his website dedicated to collecting examples of Japanese graphic design history from the 1800s to today. The ongoing research project aims to remove the linguistic barriers that keep international audiences from a rich vein of visual culture.


Pumpkin Palooza

October 29, 2014
/   Food / Laura Busch

It’s finally fall and nearly every type of food establishment, from grocery stores and coffee shops to gourmet restaurants and food trucks, are offering their much-anticipated annual pumpkin makeover. To celebrate, F Newsmagazine tested four different iterations of the season’s favorite fruit (yes, pumpkins are fruits, not vegetables.)


France and Chicago Meet at EXPO

October 26, 2014
/   Arts & Culture / Alexia Casanova

At this year's EXPO CHICAGO, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago curator Naomi Beckwith spoke with independent French curators Guillaume Désanges and Matthieu Poirier about partnerships between the two locales that could test curatorial practices and forge new artistic and social discourses.


The Student Groups of SAIC

October 24, 2014
/   School / Emeka Awa

F Newsmgazine videographer Emeka Awa talks with SAIC Assistant Director of Campus Life, Roy Rodriguez, about the wealth of activities and opportunities available through SAIC’s student groups.


It’s Taylor Swift’s Party

October 21, 2014
/   Music / Rosie Accola

One of the difficulties of art is that the public eye makes little effort to separate artists from the brands they cultivate. Taylor Swift is the latest artist to be subjected to "sell-out" scrutiny for her shift into pop music, and the criticisms for her work are nothing new.


Above Snakes and Angel Lust

October 20, 2014
/   Art Review / Pablo Lopez

Performance artist Jaime McMurry’s work aims to raise questions about materiality, and when successful, it offers a response to the demands of daily life. Angel Lust, a recent performance at Chicago's Defibrillator Gallery, was not one such instance.


Franco in the Rye

/   Book Review / Rosie Accola

Sometimes the least likely of combinations brings the best results; the pairing of James Franco with a blooming literary career, despite the celebrity's fearless mediocrity, does not.