The First Ever Quetzal Art Festival in Pilsen

July 2, 2015
/   Art Review / Alan Skalaski

All images courtesy of Arturo Sebastian Hidalgo What I encountered at the Quetzal Art Fest in Pilsen was a beautiful merging of live, interactive art and community. Twelve large boards were positioned around a series of tents where artists sat with smaller works in a variety of styles and mediums. It was a hot day,


Fuck You, Les Moonves

/   Culture / Megan Byrne

There is nowhere better to look than reality television for examples of the gross demonstration of just how atrocious the class structure, dare I say class war, in America has become.


From Bauhaus to Buenos Aires

July 1, 2015
/   Art Review / Paula Calvo

Horacio Coppola, born in Argentina, met Grete Stern (originally from Northwestern Germany) while attending a Bauhaus photography workshop taught by Walter Peterhans in Berlin in the early 1930s. After the rise of Hitler, they both fled to London where they would marry, and soon the couple relocated to Buenos Aires.


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