It’s Taylor Swift’s Party

October 21, 2014
/   Music / Rosie Accola

One of the difficulties of art is that the public eye makes little effort to separate artists from the brands they cultivate. Taylor Swift is the latest artist to be subjected to "sell-out" scrutiny for her shift into pop music, and the criticisms for her work are nothing new.


Above Snakes and Angel Lust

October 20, 2014
/   Art Review / Pablo Lopez

Performance artist Jaime McMurry’s work aims to raise questions about materiality, and when successful, it offers a response to the demands of daily life. Angel Lust, a recent performance at Chicago's Defibrillator Gallery, was not one such instance.


Franco in the Rye

/   Book Review / Rosie Accola

Sometimes the least likely of combinations brings the best results; the pairing of James Franco with a blooming literary career, despite the celebrity's fearless mediocrity, does not.


The New Ism

October 14, 2014
/   Arts & Culture / Troy Pieper

Experience-based art gets redefined in light of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Sullivan Galleries exhibit A Proximity of Consciousness: Art and Social Action.


A Kubrick Odyssey

October 12, 2014
/   Art Review / Weronika Malek

The Stanley Kubrick exhibition at the National Museum in Krakow marries art and entertainment in a retrospective of the filmmaker's career, creative process, and private life.


Junot Díaz at the MCA’s Dialogue Series

October 11, 2014
/   Arts & Culture / Alexia Casanova

Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and educator Junot Díaz speaks on at this year's Dialogue event at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Ten minutes in the talk, it seems like Díaz is actually performing a one man show: the crowd is laughing almost hysterically, clapping at every one of his jokes or witty remarks.


Social Fiber at the Garland Gallery

/   Art Review / Pablo Lopez

Monika Neuland, the current Artist-in-Residence at the Chicago Cultural Center's Garland Gallery, constructed an ambitious social space within which the public may directly engage with the artist and her artwork and even try their hand at the loom or other modes of weaving available in the gallery.


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