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Photo Essay


Faculty Spotlight: Kate Dumbleton

May 5, 2022

On the music of snoring dogs.

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Faculty Spotlight: Jennifer Dorothy Lee

May 5, 2022

On writing books and secret projects.

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The fairway of the course.


Public Golf, Private Interests

May 5, 2022

A photo essay and opinion on Sydney R. Marovitz Golf Course.

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Jackie relaxes at the front desk.


Portraits of Student Workers

April 10, 2022

Jackie Patiño and Sammi Whitlock work at SAIC's Admissions Office.

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A 35mm film strip from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)


Behind the Scenes

April 7, 2022

A look at the magic of Gene Siskel Film Center, with projectionist Lillian...

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Student Spotlight: Iyomi

April 4, 2022

A look at Iyomi at work.

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Photo Essay: Galleries Around Chicago

March 26, 2022

A handful of Chicago galleries featuring emerging artists.

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Colorful aisles of bookshelves in the basement of the store.


Finding Serenity in Chicago

March 6, 2022

A photo essay of suggestions to visit during Chicago's long winter.

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Photo Essay: Inside the Struggle to Get Vaccinated

April 19, 2021

My mother’s medical conditions make her a high risk for COVID. So why is it...

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Pan[dem]ic Rooms: A Photo Essay

November 2, 2020

With classes mostly moving online, SAIC's landscape stands lonely and empty.

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Photo Essay: The Traveling Sabra

August 1, 2020

Tracing notions of 'home' through the journey of the prickly pear.

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Photo Essay: Minneapolis Two Weeks Later

July 3, 2020

Photos from Minneapolis, in the weeks following George Floyd's murder.

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