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What Were They Made For

This Barbie didn’t get an Oscar nomination.

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A one-panel comic showing a bookcase of Oscars trophies. The novel of “Oppenheimer” as well as a Billie Eilish cd are also on the shelves. There is a pink ladder that Ryan Gosling dressed as Ken and America Ferrera are climbing up. On the ground, Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig are in pink Barbie-style doll boxes.

One of the Oscar trophies says, “Ryan and America are welcome, but Margot and Greta aren’t allowed out of their boxes. They’re just Barbies.”

Sidne K. Gard (BFAW 2025) hopes to one day understand how to make their own monsters. They are the entertainment editor at F Newsmagazine. See more of their work at
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