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Chicago’s Bollywood Drag Queens and Kings

They can do more than bhanagra!

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Since 2007, Trikone — Chicago’s South Asian queer group — has been organizing several events that amplifies the voices and talent of desi queer population.

One of their major events is Jai Ho, a Bollywood drag show that allows South Asian drag artists to showcase their talent, while dancing on Bollywood songs.

On Sept. 22, the group organized a drag show that was attended by both South Asian and non-South Asian audience. Here are some pictures of the event taken by Nitya Mehrotra.

Masala Sapphire (pictured above) was the host of the show. Saaphire currently serves as one of the board members of Trikone.

Kamdev, a drag king interacts with the audience. This was their first ever drag performance.

Leha Salam, a drag queer performs for the crowd. During the drag show, Salam performed in one the songs composed by Academy award-winning musician, AR Rehman.

Audience dance with each other. To engage the crowd, the group had also organized a small contest, where five people the crowd came to the stage and performed.

The show was co-hosted by Abhijeet, an SAIC alum and one of the most popular South Asian drag queen in Chicago.

Nitya is a documentary filmmaker, animator, and social worker.
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