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The Sky Talks: Pisces Season Brings Joy

Intuition, Love, Joy, and St. Patrick Day

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Illustration by Shijing Li and Jade Sheng.

Kabbalists say that there is a phrase that says: “mishenichnas adar marbim b’simcha” which means,  “when the month of Pisces enters, joy multiplies.” Pisces is the month of joy, but paradoxically we do not see this in reality. Pisceans are known to be more gloomy, more melancholic, so why do Kabbalists attribute joy to this month?

It is important to understand that , despite appearances, Pisces is not a sad month, but being happy during this period requires effort. And the one who makes the effort — both  Pisces for life  and all of us during the Pisces cycle — can achieve great joy. It is not a coincidence that the Kabbalistic feast of joy, called Purim, takes place in Pisces. It is not by chance either, Carnaval and St. Patrick’s day also always falls around this time. The energies of celebration and joy are present here, and attract these happy events.

As it happens, Saturn entered Pisces on Purim, ending its Aquarius-Capricorn cycle of the past five years. And we want to see the positive side of that. Saturn is very favored when it is in Capricorn and Aquarius, as it is the ruling planet of these two signs. But, like it or not, Saturnian energy is more difficult, tense, and cold in these positions because hardness is an intrinsic characteristic of this planet. When Saturn entered  Pisces on the 7th of March, it gave us the opportunity to enter a warmer, artistic, psychic, sensitive, spiritual, and empathetic mode. With Saturn’s ingress in Pisces, there is a lesson to be learned. Just as Saturn in Capricorn taught us great lessons during the pandemic about the economy, work, career, and home office, and Saturn in Aquarius taught us the strong connections we have with all of humanity, Saturn in Aquarius came to teach us that we are all one. If something happens anywhere in the world, the whole world is affected. Saturn in Pisces comes to teach us the lesson of empathy. This year, therefore, the Pisces cycle is special because it inaugurates two and a half years of learning empathy, warmth, affection, intuition, and love.

When Pisces energy enters, we connect with unity and mercy. But it is always necessary to balance these forces. The condition for helping someone is that the other person wants to be helped. If you’re just being merciful to a person who always hurts you, and you look at the situation with pink glasses and think “Okay, you can keep hurting me because I want unity with you,” then something is wrong. The idea is that we can only help people if they are helping themselves. Pisces don’t wait for the others to help themselves; Pisces wants to save the world. Saturn in Pisces for the next three  years creates the energy of spiritual people who want to save the world. This will not happen. We are not going to save the world. We need to first sense whether the other person wants help before jumping in to save them. If you are not comfortable confronting someone because you want to be too spiritual, then what can happen is that the situation will come back at you. Nobody is asking you to save anybody, you are not a martyr. We cannot fight or die in the name of God. We need to connect with a higher level of spirituality. Having a greater desire, but a detachment on the same level. If someone comes to ask you for help, then you can help. A person needs to have the merit to change: if she didn’t deserve it, it won’t happen, it’s not in your hands. We also need to have the merit of being saved. The solution will come to you when you have the merit.

The great question is that we don’t know how much we need to do and how much is in the hands of the universe. The higher your level of consciousness is, the less you have to do, and the more the universe can do.

Sun and Moon are close to Saturn on this previous New Moon, and they mark a new beginning for this lunation. Saturn, the God of time, is making the final push. It’s time to know if what we are doing in life is actually working, what structures are good for us, what we want to keep, and what’s not working. Pisces is two-sided, at the most advanced level, if we are asking questions, we will receive answers and divine inspiration. By asking for help, we are already doing our part. We are creating a desire for the solution to come. How much am I willing to let go of what isn’t working for me? Let’s make small changes, and show the universe that we want to change. If we want to see the truth, the truth will show itself. The question is, do I really want to see the truth, even if it’s painful? If yes, then divine inspiration will come, and we will receive divine messages from the subconscious. They will reveal themselves, and they will present themselves. We have to have the merit to see the truth.

According to Kabbalah, the planet that governs Pisces is Jupiter, even though in modern astrology it is associated with Neptune. This means that we will have the opportunity in the month of Pisces to connect with the planet Jupiter, after three months since Sagittarius. Now we emphasize the energies of Jupiter, and we want to meditate so that we can balance the harder energy of Saturn with the expansive energy of Jupiter.


In addition to being a visual artist, Diana Motta is also a Kabbalistic astrologer. She spent fourteen years immersed in kabbalah studies and graduated at the renowned Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology. She works as a professional astrologer with personalized chart reading services and as a columnist for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil. You can follow her Instagram profile for more astrology tips at @dika_astra_eng.

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