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The Art of Obsession

A Letter From the Entertainment Editor

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Illustration by Nidhi Shenoy.

In the month of March, the entertainment section featured three stories as part of a special section exploring obsessions and fixations.

How often have you been in a critique looking at an art piece one of your peers made and suddenly because of their art style, the way they talk about their work, or even just their general artistic practice, you just know that they were obsessed with a specific piece of media growing up?

Art has no poker face. Art can give away that you were obsessed with a cult classic web-comic in middle school or that to this day you listen to the same band on repeat as you work. There is a tendency to cringe at our own obsessions, a want to hide these pieces away from the public eye. But obsession often drives creation. How many art students started making art by making fanart? How many people have picked up a guitar for the first time because they wanted to learn to play that one song they love?

So let’s pull back the curtain hiding away our obsessions. Let’s be indulgent and celebratory, no matter how popular or niche the pop culture we love is.

Our March entertainment supplement delves into the realm of obsession and fixation. From the soundtracks of ‘80s horror to a musical of pre-World War II Berlin to a rock band taking the stage again after a six-year-long breakup, these next pages are a mixtape of fixations. At F Newsmagazine, we encourage you to further explore your own obsessions and loves. Let yourself indulge and share with your peers or the world your love of whatever piece of media shapes you as an artist. Obsessions are the soundtrack to artistic practice. They inspire and complicate and make our work as artists fuller.

Click below to read the articles which are part of this special section:

Sidne K. Gard (BFAW 2025) hopes to one day understand how to make their own monsters. They are the entertainment editor at F Newsmagazine. See more of their work at
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