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Office Hours

What’s around theF Newsmagazine Office?

By and SAIC

Welcome to our office tour, where we guide you through the highlights of our workspace. Through years of our team working here, our office has become a beacon of creativity and productivity. So, come along with us and witness our collaborative workspace, and discover what makes our little office a dynamic and efficient environment.

The Critique Wall

This is where we have our critiques. We post in-process work to offer suggestions to each other and discover accidental rhinos in the illustrations.


Photo by Bei Lin

The Neon Light

A long-forgotten memory of the office. Recently discovered ancient relic. Who knows what else is hidden in the office? Maybe the Figeon?

Photo by Bei Lin


The Awards and Covers

F just keeps winning. Every year we attend several conferences, and we often get some awards for our work. We keep our past covers on the wall
to remind us of our experiences and spark our future. Do you have a favorite F Newsmagazine cover? 

Photo by Bei Lin

The Working Space

When we need inspiration, all we have to do is look up. Our walls are covered with helpful handouts, a strange t-shirt, and a reminder that “the F is for blood.”

Photo by Bei Lin

The Window

We value sunlight. With how gloomy Chicago can be, we need every inch of sunlight to keep our sanity in check. But who can say we are really sane?

Photo by Bei Lin

Illustration of F Newsmagazine’s Office Map by Ketaki Kulkarni

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