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Portraits of Student Workers

Jackie Patiño and Sammi Whitlock work at SAIC’s Admissions Office.

By Multimedia, Photo Essay, SAIC

Jackie relaxes at the front desk.

Jackie Patiño relaxes at the front desk.

Jackie Patiño and Sammi Whitlock are front desk student workers for our school’s Admissions office. These sweet faces are the first of many that incoming students see as they begin the process of applying to SAIC. They handle incoming visitors, phone calls, and emails while representing the school in the best light.

Both workers managed to navigate the changes in the work environment through the pandemic. Taking phone calls and managing emails at home in isolation did not facilitate communication with other employees. Once employees were allowed back on campus, the workers once again adapted to the new normal and were able to enjoy the office environment.

Both of these student workers deserve recognition for their adaptability and efforts. Both students have created an easy going work environment for all visitors and have adapted well to the changes that the pandemic has brought. 

Sammi playfully answering phone.

Sammi Whitlock answers the phone.

Jackie has been working at the front desk since her freshman year; she is currently a junior focusing in animation and painting. For entertainment during the slow moments throughout her shift she often watches free live surveillance videos of Zoo animals. 

Sammi has been working at the office since her freshman year as well. She is focusing on Art History and will be graduating this year. When there aren’t visitors to attend she often continues a long topic of conversation with Jackie about the show “Sopranos,” or talks true crime with other employees in the office. 

sammi working at front desk

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