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The Sky Talks: Sagittarius Season

Diana Motta talks us through how to make your own miracles during Sagittarius season.

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Illustration by Jade Sheng.

We are in the month of Sagittarius, and when I say month, I mean the lunar cycle of Sagittarius that goes from November 21st until December 21st of this year. Kabbalists teach us that when we are under the influence of a month, not only Sagittarians, but all of us, can gain the energy of that sign. That’s why, for thousands of years, Kabbalists have been studying what forces are at play each month, so that we can take advantage of the best of its strength, and know how to deal with any challenges.

My job here is to explain in the simplest and most practical ways to get the best out of this energy. Sagittarius is not known as a lucky sign. Sagittarians are lucky because they love being challenged, and also because they take risks – somehow, they already believe things will work out. Kabbalists know that consciousness creates reality and that is one of the reasons why the Sagittarius does end up getting lucky — positive thinking. In addition to incorporating positivity this month, I would like to share with you a very powerful Kabbalistic secret, which explains how miracles happen. After all, kabbalistically, this is the month of miracles. We have Thanksgiving, Christmas and Chanukah, all holidays that in a way are involved with lighting, lights or candles. No wonder the cosmic opening of Chanukah falls in this season — there is indeed an opening for miracles now.

First of all, we shouldn’t see miracles as something religious or unattainable, but as a force that exists here and now, that we can create at any time. Kabbalists understand that letters, numbers, words, and all written and spoken languages have a direct connection with the divine, because only human beings have access to these lofty tools. It is through decoding language that Kabbalists understand the essence of the physical world. Within the Hebrew word NESS, which means miracle, there is the root of two other words — “break” or “go out,” and the word “test.” In this way, Kabbalists understand the essence of that force; the essence of a miracle. Everyone knows that a miracle is something that happens outside of nature. So the Kabbalists say: to create a miracle, we have to “break” our own nature. How do we do that? Doing positive things we’ve never done before and leaving our comfort zone. 

Another tip to know that a miracle is about to happen comes from the meaning of the word “test”. For example, if you are late for an appointment, and a person asks you for your help at that time, this is a test. If you can go further and overcome your limited nature and help that person, Kabbalists say you are creating a miracle. You will always be tested before a miracle happens. Using that Sagittarian energy of taking risks and facing challenges, we have all the support we need this month to create blessings in our lives.

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