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Out of Bounds Ep. 5: Violence and Silence in the NFL

This week: addressing unaccountability in pro sports.

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Cover art by Jade Sheng

Episode 5: Violence and Silence in the NFL

In light of the recent allegations against Deshaun Watson, quarterback for the Houston Texans, “Out of Bounds” asks themselves about the reputation of football as a source of violence and toxic masculinity, even outside the field of play. Every passing year seems to add to the list of football superstars who have been accused of domestic violence, sexual assault, or other public physical altercation. This week Ben, Kat, and Aidan talk about the history of the NFL as an institution that is performative when it comes to player and public safety, and the complicity that fans partake in when we also choose to ignore the violence of the sport. Specific athletes and events discussed: Greg Hardy, Andrew Luck’s retirement, the new 2020 NFL CBA, and the correlation between game-day college partying and on-campus rape.

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