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Pandemic: A Collection Dreaming Inside

A Quartet of Fantasies by Liv Meyer.

By Literature

horns submerged in cotton candy  


it is taurus season. 


and the sun has morphed into two spring cherries.


you lay in the shadow of a plum tree


your back feels heavy


turquoise butterfly wings slice through your shoulder blade skin like 

scissors through silk

you’re the tailor and the dress, the needle and the thread


you ascend into a holographic sky and pole dance away 


to somewhere pink and full of stars


lunch with your imaginary girlfriend


pancake picnic 

lover’s lunch


your date’s antlers are covered in syrup.


she promises you in bleeding, sugary love letters

that when she kisses you it will be safe and clean. 


it starts to rain and the rain smells like sunny D.


you are in love.  


blue raspberry is my favorite fruit


blue raspberry angels watch over a house in the mountains


while neptune’s moons dance on the lawn.


volcano make-out session 


grape fanta volcano violens


snakes kiss under a sticky purple sky.


the animals and lightening turn green 

and you take a drag of magenta firework smoke.


you clean your teeth with wasp venom after you touch her inner cheek with the back of your


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