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SAIC Beat, S03E01 – Two Lies & A Truth: Anna Godfrey

F Newsmagazine’s award-winning podcast returns with a brand new format.

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Bio: SAIC junior, comic artist, and podcaster who’s currently specializing in sound design and writing for audio. As Production Manager for Free Radio SAIC, they’re responsible for keeping things running at the radio booth, which they consider their second home.

Inconsequential Love: Joe Tea, specifically the lids, and even more specifically the little pop button, which they click in class while holding in their pocket.

One of these stories is true, and the other two are fabrications. Your hosts must guess which…

Story #1: Ten minutes after crossing the border into Canada with their high school band, Anna had their first encounter with a moose.

Story #2: At a statewide meeting of high school GSAs, Anna met drag queen celebrity and Tension Tamer devotee Coco Peru, who later followed them on Twitter.

Story #3: After their friend Sophia got her hand stuck in a sewer grate, Anna’s dad came to the rescue with a power drill.

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