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A Global Strike For Our Global Future

On Sept. 20, Global Climate Strike protesters convene on Daley Plaza to demand action on climate change.

By Climate, Multimedia, Photo Essay

  • The International Climate Strike was targeted to and organized by young people, and many high schoolers skipped school to attend the event.
  • Some skipped class and work on Friday to protest in the International Climate Strike, helping to bring attention to the fact that climate change is a very real issue that needs to be addressed.
  • A young woman holds a sign stating, “Think globally, act locally,” as protestors leave the demonstration.
  • The strike was an opportunity for many to express their want to protect the planet.
  • Police used bicycles to form a barricade to keep protestors from flowing out into oncoming traffic.
  • A woman’s sign reads “Take care of the Earth to have a future. (From Italy.)”
  • Some protesters used their signs to call attention to specific people they see as responsible for the inaction against climate change including, pictured above, a cut-out of Lindsey Graham drawn with oil coming out of his eyes and nose.
  • In addition to individual protesters, some organizations were represented at the September march, including the independent environmental organization Greenpeace.

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