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Slice of Life: At The Beach

On Chicago summer days, locals head to the beach to relax, play, and enjoy Lake Michigan.

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  • Teenager Jack Dickson throws up the “deuces” at Oak Street Beach as hip hop blares out of his camouflage speaker.
  • Mike, a Chicago native, scavenges through the sand looking for coins with his metal detector on North Avenue Beach.
  • Laura Levy says that she chooses to wear only white clothing on her daily jogs by the beach. Levy has jogged the same route since 1978.
  • Ruth Nelson sits directly facing the sun to get a good tan on Oak Street Beach.
  • Omran Halawani laughing as his friends bury him in the sand on Oak Street Beach.
  • Local graduate student Alex Schmitz rolls up his volley ball net after an intense game on Oak Street Beach.
  • Swimmers and boaters alike make their way to Lake Michigan on this sunny day.
  • “Here (Montrose Beach) and North Avenue Beach are my spots,” says beachgoer Mike Fritzler. He adds that he grew up loving the beach, and now as a dad brings his kids as frequently as possible.
  • When asked to give his name, this native Chicagoan offers, “Just Ed.” He tells F Newsmagazine that he comes to North Avenue Beach “every day.”
  • Ivelisse Conde (left) Aaron, (back middle) Lexi, (right) and Lexi’s daughter Ley Ley, (front middle) drink Gatorade to cool off on a blazing hot day at Montrose Beach.
  • Kevin Pecor sits smiling on his go-to beach floaty, moments before he is asked by a lifeguard to exit the water.
  • Nolan Ganser (left holding football), Aaron Kiela (middle), Travis Coleman (right middle), and Aidan Ensley (far right), all pose for a picture during Lockport High School football practice on North Avenue Beach.

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