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Sights and Sounds: Intimate Moments with Elley Duhé and Yoshi Flower

Pics from Lincoln Hall and Schubas Tavern’s front lines.

By Multimedia, Photo Essay

Unlike most students, I stayed on campus for winter break. There seemed no better way to spend it than to take advantage of Chicago’s abundance of concerts. Recently Lincoln Hall and Schubas Tavern, sister venues Lincoln Park and Lakeview respectively, have become personal favorites. Their shows, more frequent and intimate than others I’ve experienced, create incredible atmospheres for attendees. During recent shows by Elley Duhé and Yoshi Flower, the artists interacted with the crowd and stay after their sets to meet fans. 

  • Elley Duhé released several singles and collaborations with major musicians such as Griffin, Zedd, Dj Snake, and more before releasing her first EP ‘Dragon Mentality’ this last fall. Photographed by McKenzie Fitz.
  • With an album currently in the works, Elley Duhé is making waves in the industry. She has put out chart topping single after single like “Can You Touch” and “Lost My Mind”. Photographed by McKenzie Fitz.
  • Dragon Mentality was her first headlining tour in the states and most recent visit to Chicago on January 27, 2019. Photographed by McKenzie Fitz.
  • Tatiana Hazel is a young Chicana from Chicago out to create the representation of her Hispanic culture in music that she had seen other artists, such as Rihanna, do for theirs. She opened for Elley Duhé this last January at Schubas. Photographed by McKenzie Fitz.
  • i-D has called Yoshi Flower’s ‘American Raver’ “the pledge of allegiance gone goth.” Photographed by McKenzie Fitz.
  • Based on his varied music taste and influences growing up, Yoshi’s music has been considered hard to describe or pin down to any one genre in particular. Photographed by McKenzie Fitz.
  • The Detroit-raised artist, Yoshi Flower, a.k.a Josh Smith, on his debut US Tour the American Raver in Chicago February 5, 2019. Photographed by McKenzie Fitz.
  • The show opened with his debut track “Movies”, which was quick to put him on the charts and lyrically compared to the works of other artists like Lana Del Rey. Photographed by McKenzie Fitz.

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