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Sunny Day

A sunny, hot, beautiful day in Chicago is rare, so we only have these thoughts a few times a year.

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Illustration by Katie Wittenberg.

The following are my thoughts in a consecutive order on a beautiful and sunny day in Chicago.

8:00 am

Wow, the sun is really bright. I shouldn’t have left my blinds open. I guess I should wake up now. I’m sweaty. Why am I so sweaty? Oh my, I’m really sweaty. I should probably get up and dry off. That’s really gross. Oh my gosh, it’s so sunny! Which, I’m sure, comes with comfortable and warm weather. It’s a beautiful day outside. I could use a nice day. God knows, I haven’t had one in a while. It’s been so gross. This Chicago summer has been so dreary. It’s been cloudy and wet, but still warm. I know it’s summer, but a sunny day? This is a rare occurrence. At least, that’s what it feels like.

8:49 am

I need to take advantage of this. I could go to the beach. Oh, that’s going to be gross. There will be so many people there and they are going to be so annoying. I could go to the park. And see all the doggos. That would be so good. Oh, but the kids. There will be so many kids and their annoying parents who gave them a made-up gluten allergy. And what if I make eye contact with one of those kids? They will not leave me alone for the rest of the day. Better play it safe, don’t go to the park. You know what? I’m going to walk along the lake. That’s sounds good. Better get out before it gets gross again.

9:55 am

Wow, it’s really hot. Like really hot. I shouldn’t have worn black. That was a foolish decision on my part. Note to self: buy less black clothing. It absorbs too much heat. I’ve been consistently sweaty since this morning. But this is still nice. I get to clear my head, get a little exercise, take a breather. Oh dear, I have a ton of stuff to do at home. I haven’t done my laundry in weeks; I have actual work-work and school work. I should also clean my room. It’s disgusting. Eh, it’s fine. For some reason, all of that does not feel like a necessity right now. It’s such a beautiful day. A rare Chicago treasure. If I am going to risk a day to waste time, it should be a sunny day. I can do all my work when the weather sucks again. That’s a smart plan.

10:43 am

The water in Lake Michigan looks so blue. I really want to jump in. Oh my gosh, swimming sounds so good right now. I haven’t been to a pool in ages. I’m not going to jump in Lake Michigan. The water’s probably disgusting. God forbid, I contract some disease just because I’m really sweaty and want to wash off. I don’t even want to swim. I just want to float on the top of the water. The city looks beautiful from here. The sun’s light is reflecting off all the glass. Wow, it’s really hot. I underestimate how hot it gets in Chicago. For some reason, I keep forgetting Chicago’s potential to give us a beautiful but hot day.

12:04 am

There’s a lot of people here. So many people exercising. I guess I’m kind of exercising. That’s, at least, something. I’ve probably seen about 200 runners. It’s okay, I’m allowed to be hyperbolic. This is a record of my inner thoughts. I should probably go for a run. It’s so much different when you’re outside. It’s so much more calming. I will go tomorrow if it continues to be nice. All of these people are so happy. Also, exercising releases dopamine and endorphins. So even a simple walk on a beautiful day makes you so much happier. I learned that from “Legally Blonde: the Musical.” All of these people are laughing and hanging out with their loved ones. Perhaps, they left all of their work at home and are taking a day off as well to enjoy the sunny city. It’s comforting watching all of these people basking in the heat, like a bunch of rotisserie chicken.

12:59 am

I suddenly feel like I can breathe. Obviously, I’ve been breathing — otherwise I would be dead and that would suck. But now, I have the chance to exhale. The sun is just a big ol’ ball of gas. But with its warmth sitting on my skin as I walk along the lake, everything feels ten times lighter. I would say the weight has been lifted off my shoulders but that’s cheesy and it hasn’t. Whatever worries I have. Whatever things that make me sad or angry, they’re still there, but they are so minuscule right now. I can breathe. Even if it’s for a little bit, even if the minute I go back home, I will be bombarded with work, this walk will be worth it, because I can breathe again.

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