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Gift Ideas for Your Cat (on an Art Student’s Budget)

Forget your feline friends this holiday season? Here’s a last-minute gift guide that’s purr-fect for you.

By F+

If you were wondering what can you get for you cats that they’ll love (and won’t destroy your budget), look no further; F Newsmagazine has got you covered.
Illustrations by Ana Maria Gonzalez.

Illustrations by Ana Maria Gonzalez.

1. A circle. Cats love circles! Grab anything you can use to draw a circle on the floor. A string, your laptop charger, or a necklace will all do. (Don’t use jewelry with small beads; that’s just stupid.)
2. Get you favorite pair of pants a makeover. Cut the hem off — except for a little spot in the back. You’ve created a walking string — every indoor kitty’s dream. Now walk around the house and cats will happily follow you everywhere!
3. Get a mani-pedi (or a pawi-clawi) together!
4 .Wine corks. Drink wine, give your cat the corks. Extra points if there is ribbon attached to the cork — do it yourself, or shop at fancy wine shops.
5. A rain jacket. For those moments when you’re showering and they want to be with you, but they don’t want to get wet.
6. Catch a mouse and leave it next to their bed. If you don’t feel like killing an innocent creature (or looking around for random dead mice), use a warm mouse-shaped catnip toy instead.
7. Trim the bottom of your bathroom door by roughly two inches. It will make your cat feel safer when you’re inside and they can’t see you. Extra points if you just get rid of that door forever.
8. Wrap your the leg of your dining room table in twine so your cat can scratch it. If you want to show that you love them even more, wrap your own leg too.
9. Convince an AIADO student to sell you (or give you) their cardboard projects at the end of the semester. They may look like miniature buildings, but in fact, they are perfect cat castles.
10. Move all your cat’s favorite ornaments to the bottom boughs of your Christmas tree for a day. Repeat every day.

2 Responses to Gift Ideas for Your Cat (on an Art Student’s Budget)

  1. Johnny González says:

    Love it. Ana María is very creative and has a huge heart for people and for cats

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