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Candidates on Debt

Where do the 2016 presidential candidates stand on student debt?

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Clinton vs. Sanders

Cruz vs. Trump

Infograph by Priyoshi Kapur


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One Response to Candidates on Debt

  1. I’m for the Bernie model on this. I graduated SAIC with 80k in debt, by the time I completed my Masters it was 120k…now 20 years later with interest it is 233k of debt. The rule changes with Obama finally helped me consolidate at lower rate and qualify for public service exemption after 10 years of service. It’s insane how much money is being made from my debt by the US Govt and private companies. I was young and had no idea how much this debt was going to effect my life. I was a Dean of an art college and yet I still could not afford the monthly payments. That’s insane!

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