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Airbnb Reviews of Vincent’s Bedroom

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illustration by Alex Kostiw

illustration by Alex Kostiw

About this listing

The Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) is currently featuring 36 works by the artist Vincent van Gogh in its “Van Gogh Bedrooms” show, which will be on display from February 14 to May 16. In River North there is a three-dimensional replica of Vincent van Gogh’s bedroom for rent for $10 a night. To promote the exhibition, the AIC placed an ad on Airbnb. Below are some of the reviews. Museum curators say that as they seek new strategies to widen the museum’s audience, future exhibitions may also be posted on either Airbnb or Craigslist. There are rumors that an Andy Warhol exhibit will be advertised on Grindr.


van gogh_knife


van gogh_stargazing


van gogh_bandaid

First aid

van gogh_sunflower

Fresh sunflowers

van gogh_clock

Time for contemplation

van gogh_tv

Cable TV

8 Reviews



I really liked the room. There was nothing to eat though. I looked in the pantry and there was nothing but a jar of paint with a spoon it…



The bed was wobbly as hell!!! Everything in the room was crooked!! I couldn’t get a good sleep all night!! Would NOT recommend.



Absolutely loved the space! Unfortunately, I heard the upstairs neighbors having loud sex. I spoke with Vincent about it. He told me it happened often, but it only half bothered him.



Loved the room! So beautifully decorated. What was great was that even though we were in France, all of the locals spoke English! No one even checked our passports!



My partner had been planning this trip to Chicago for a while. When we found out we could get such a great location for such a cheap price, we were really excited. He showed up unexpectedly in the middle of the night bloodied and bandaged. I’m not quite sure what kind of operation “Vincent” is running here. My partner and I ended our trip early.



My husband Steven and I had a great stay with Vincent. He was kind enough to give us tickets to his art show. I think he’s really going places and he should keep it up. We did ask if we could exchange them for coupons for Giordano’s. You can’t come to Chicago and not try deep dish!



Great location! Not far from public transit, nice restaurants close by. I do have to say…pretty tacky art. I’ve seen much better things at Ikea.



It was a cute space. Definitely a little cramped. I was a little disappointed to find out it wasn’t closer to Boystown though. I live in Skokie and wanted to come to the city and see a drag queen!! SLAYY!!!

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