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Keeping You Up-To-Date with What the F Staff is Reading Online

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Keeping You Up-To-Date with What the F Staff is Reading Online

“Chicago’s young protesters make it hard to ignore the problems swirling around Chicago.”

We’ve all seen the protesters. They shut down the Magnificent Mile on Black Friday. They disrupted our hungover New Year’s Day brunches. Who are the young people behind the widely-publicized and change-making protests? Leonor Vivanco investigates.

Photo by Daniel X. O'Neil on Flickr

Photo by Daniel X. O’Neil on Flickr

This Chicago Police Officer Is Suing the Estate of the Teen that He Killed

This is a story that could come out of Chicago. This police officer killed a teenage boy — in the process accidentally killing the teen’s neighbor — and now, he is suing the teen’s estate. He claims that he suffers from post-traumatic stress. HELLO! Isn’t that something that sort of comes with deciding to be a police officer?

Young People Are Not Only Shaking Up Chicago, but the Entire U.S.A.

This article caught my eye by the provocative title, “She’s Barely Old Enough to Vote and She’s Voting in the New Hampshire House.” This web page is actually not just one article, but many, featuring people under 30 who are shaking up the political game in the U.S. All of the stories leave me simultaneously proud and wondering, “What am I doing with my life?”

More and More American Expats Are Giving Up Their Passports

FATCA, or the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, meant to punish Americans hiding their riches in foreign bank accounts, is actually punishing those of the lower and middle classes living abroad who never wanted to give up being American. Foreign banks, afraid of being punished by the American government, are refusing to give those with American passports bank accounts.

Photo by torbakhopper on Flickr

Photo by torbakhopper on Flickr

It’s February in Chicago

Therefore, it’s important to bring this article, written by A.J. Aronstein in February 2013, back into public consciousness. If you are having trouble dealing with the cold, this article will help you. If you love the cold, this article will make you feel complete.

This Artist is Turning Period Stains into Statement Jewelry

Lili Murphy-Johnson was inspired by her over-the-top PMS. She wanted to make jewelry that explores that feeling while also debunking the taboo surrounding menstruation.

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