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Moon Music

Tracks by M. Sage, Gel Set, Passerby, and Mark Booth.



F# features the work of student and faculty musicians and sound artists. To have your music or art included, contact vcallis[at]

M. Sage

M. Sage

M. Sage, Luna Brute

Luna Brute was composed, edited and arranged one track per moon cycle, using varied instruments, media, sound sources and layering methods. M. Sage is Matthew Sage (MFAW 2016 writing). He works with mixed media digital rustic audio environments and sound composition, and owns and operates Patient Sounds (intl), a private press record label and book publisher.
Laura Callier (Gel Set) is a multimedia artist, electronic musician, and current MFA candidate in SAIC’s sound department. She’s toured as a solo electronic artist across the US, Europe and Asia. Callier regularly performs with her solo project Gel Set and her electronic duos God Vol. 1 and Simulation, with set-ups that are sometimes improvised, sometimes programmed, sometimes fully digital, and sometimes wholly analog.


Passerby, UFO ??
Nicholas Davis (Passerby) is currently a student at  SAIC, mainly in the sound department. His sound work ranges from music to musique concrète to phonography. He also likes to tinker with interfaces, including art tools, acoustic spaces and objects, software, and electronics.
Mark Booth

Mark Booth

Artist and SAIC faculty member Mark Booth’s GOD IS REPRESENTED BY THE SEA/THE SEA IS REPRESENTED BY AN IRREGULAR SHAPE is an ongoing drawing, installation, sound and performance project. A number of performances of the text work will take place this month at Sector 2337, on 2/13, 2/20, 2/27, 3/5 and 3/12/2016.

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