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High Concept Labs 5th Anniversary Open House

Halloween open house mixes media at High Concept Labs.

By Arts & Culture

Last Halloween weekend, High Concept Labs hosted a three-floor art open house at Mana Contemporary Chicago. Featuring over a dozen artists and collaborative groups, High Concept Labs (HCL) hosted an evening of artist performances, installation, film screenings, tarot and astrology reading and a costume contest. HCL offers a sponsored artist program in the Mana Contemporary space that supports artists by providing access to a workspace, critique sessions, consultation, and services such as marketing and documentation that aid artists in furthering the growth of their practice.

Celebrating their fifth anniversary of the High Concept Labs Sponsored Artist Program, current and past sponsored artists curated works specific for the evening’s happenings. Pictured are current HCL sponsored artists: SAIC alumnus Shir Ende’s video installation and THE ERA Footwork Crew live performances.

Shir Ende is currently a resident in the program and explores ways of creating composition and space through the live augmentation and arrangement of domestic objects. For the installation pictured, Ende projected time-based videos on varying surfaces to create a site-specific intervention. Selected objects were placed within the projected space to further explore composition. These interactions asked the viewer to relate to familiar domestic objects in an unfamiliar way. In a similar vein, THE ERA Footwork Crew showcased an energetic choreography set within an immersive video projection.

For more information on the HCL Sponsored Artist Program, visit their website.


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