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What the F Are We Reading? August 23-29, 2015

Keeping you up-to-date with what the F staff is reading online.

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Keeping You Up-To-Date with What the F Staff is Reading Online


Peter Plagens Compares 1900 Montmartre to A Current Day M.F.A.

Have you ever wondered what the young Picasso would be like today getting his M.F.A. at an American university? The historical details in this piece are extremely interesting and Plagens also produces a pretty scary statistic: Over 16,000 MFA graduates are being produced every year in the U.S.

The History of Black Lipstick

Are you a fan of the trend? Well it’s been around for a while. From the Maori to Kim Kardashian, this article is as entertaining as it is informative.

Photo Courtesy of Michela via Flickr

Photo Courtesy of Michela via Flickr

Tyler Ford Writes About his Journey to Defining Himself as a Genderless Individual

“My existence causes people to question everything they have been taught about gender, which in turn inspires them to question what they know about themselves, and that scares them.”

Banksy’s Recently Opened Dismaland is a Post Apocalyptic Playground

The opening of Banksy’s newest project has received a ton of media attention. Banksy himself only contributed 10 works, but big name artists such as Damien Hirst, Jenny Holzer, and David Shrigley are sure to draw visitors to the park.

A feature from Banksy's Dismaland Bemusement Park Courtesy of 70023venus2009 via Flickr

A feature from Banksy’s Dismaland Bemusement Park Courtesy of 70023venus2009 via Flickr

Google Changes Their Name to the Blanket Title “Alphabet”

In a seemingly random twist, Google announced that they will be changing the name of the company to Alphabet as a blanket term. This move is more to appease investors who are wary of the company’s out-there business ventures and would rather have Google focus solely on search and advertising business.

The Next Big Thing in Advertising: The Foam on Your Latte

Thought the heart that the super cute barista at Intelligensia drew on your latte was cool? Wait until every single company everywhere is using that space to garner your attention. A Tel Aviv based company has created “The Ripple Maker,” a machine that can print anything onto your coffee using a 3-D printer.

Image Courtesy of Steam CC

Image Courtesy of Steam CC

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