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What the F Are We Reading? July 5 – 12, 2015

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Officer Issues Parking Ticket to a Sculpture

Erwin Wurm has become well known for his comical sculptures of disfigured moving vehicles. One of these sculptures, a bent Mercedes Benz truck  is currently residing on the street in Karlsruhe, Germany. An oblivious parking officer has apparently placed a parking ticket on the windshield of the sculpture. The pictures are hysterical, but we have to wonder if the officer was joking or if he/she really was out of the loop.

What You Eat Could Determine Your Emotions and Mood

A wise and intelligent biologist leans over a microscope and exclaims, “You won’t believe what we’re extracting out of poop!” Apparently, bacteria in the gut create neurochemicals, which are also created in the brain. Does the food we eat literally affect our mood? According the this article, there’s a very good change that it does.

European Debt Crisis for Dummies

Have you been keeping up with the financial crisis in Europe? Do you, like most of us at F, have a hard time condensing all of the many articles on the subject into one easy to follow idea of what is going on? Here is a great step-by-step video spelling out the financial crisis and how it happened. While most might not agree with what is presented here, it’s a great intro for anyone who has not really been paying attention.

Do Muralists Have the Rights to Murals Painted on Public Buildings?

Well, it’s complicated. Murals worked on for over 5 years can be destroyed in one day when the building owner decides to paint it over. Should artists have fair warning before this happens? What happens when the building is sold? Does the mural still remain in possession of the artist? When money comes into question, the stakes get even higher.

Here’s an Awesome Flipbook of the Blackhawks Winning the Stanley Cup. You’re Welcome!


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