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What the F Are We Reading? May 24-30

Keeping You Up-To-Date on What the F Staff is Reading Online

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Keeping You Up-To-Date on What the F Staff is Reading Online


Ricardo Dominguez is Causing Quite the Media Controversy by Asking His Students to Perform “Nude”

Headlines include everything from Fox New’s “Get Naked or Fail” to The Washington Post’s “The Final Exam Students Take in the Nude, Really,” the click bait is out there, but the real story behind this assignment is more interesting than the claim that a college professor is asking his students to get naked in class.


Michael Ano, “BlurBlur copy (Educational Complex)” (2015) (image made by one of Dominguez’s UCSD MFA students to distribute online in solidarity with Dominguez, courtesy Michael Ano) via


Dean Potter, Inventor of the Extreme Sport BASE-Jumping, Died Last Saturday at Yosemite National Park

His death was the result of a BASE-Jumping accident. Find out more about this extreme individual here.


The Entire Graduating MFA Class at the University of Southern California Boycotted Graduation

The students boycotted in solidarity with the entirety of the first year students who are collectively dropping out of the program due to funding changes.


Seats left empty by USC MFA students boycotting graduation. (photo by Selene Preciado for Hyperallergic)


What the Recent Sale of the $179 Million Picasso Can Tell us About Global Wealth Inequality

Neil Irwin looks into the top .001 percent of the world and exactly what their wealth means for the rest of us.


France is Making it Illegal for Large Supermarkets to Throw Away Food

While shopping in your local grocery store, do you ever stop to wonder what happens to all of the perfectly good food which is not purchased? It all gets thrown away! Every large supermarket in France must sign a contract with a charity in order to donate the food that is not purchased.


Photo via


How Design Can Cause Harm

Learn how one designer found out that not all design is as optimistic as the field makes it out to be. He warns to be careful and aware of what the repercussions of design projects can be.


The Girl Scouts of America Publicly Acknowledge Their Acceptance of Trans Girls

“There is not one type of girl. Every girl’s sense of self, path to it, and how she is supported is unique.” – Andrea Bastiani Archibald, Girl Scouts USA


Photo courtesy of


The Twin Peaks Revival IS HAPPENING

It’s official! David Lynch said it!

Photo courtesy of ABC via

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