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Love and Lace

Natalie Miller captures SAIC’s Valentines Dance.


February 14th: a day of commercialized love and catered affections, assaulting the public with an onslaught of shapes derived from the derriere — what could be lovelier? (Other than spending the night with noodles and Netflix, of course.)

For many, the fourteenth may be a day a day of affection. For equally as many, it is a day to put “Hearts and Flowers” on repeat.

But who’s to say which is the better way to spend Valentine’s Day?

Go out or stay at home; it’s not all black and white …

… unless, of course, you were at the The Valentine’s Day Ball Black and White Formal hosted by SAIC’s Student Programming Board at the MacLean Ballroom.

It was an event at which hearts and flowers certainly were on, and fittingly so. With the three noticeable trends in dress throughout the night (stripes, clean-lined takes on the LBD, and floral lace brocades), floral lace patterns dominated the evening.

“Texture! Texture! Texture!” was where it was at. The floral was predominant, going well with the surrounding decor, though certainly not making a wallflower out of anyone.

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