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My flesh fell off
and looked like a wet eraser

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Today in the office
I poured coffee slow
It splashed my hand
I thought it would burn
but the coffee was already tepid

An election of ants
tromped the pink slop
celebrating the tile

I dragged to the copier
and smudged my cheek
with toner. I went to the bathroom
and made a beauty mark
with toner

I did a plié through the conference room
and hushed the canaries

Today in the office
I perforated the silence
with my mouseclick

Back in the copy closet
the upward curve
of the paper cutter
lilted like a penis
I stuck the fat
of my fingertip under
And brought the blade down hard
It made a clean whiz
and my flesh fell off

My flesh fell off
and looked like a wet eraser

I dripped on some letterhead
and made inkblot bats and birds

I bled the elevator down to the lobby
and splashed the flat marble

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