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John Kurtich 1935-2004

By Arts & Culture


Thanks to all of Professor John Kurtich’s colleagues and students during this sad time. John loved all of you and we are grateful to have shared the multitude of memories with you.

Troy & DAnn Underwood for the Family of John Kurtich

By Linda Keane

Dear John,
It was all about you
It was all about us

1400 Prune Street Hollister California
Blond becurled boy
Cousin diann
Playing butterflies
In the grass
Summers in Cambria
Watching ships in the harbor
Unloading Hearst Castle


You were a lode stone who
Prismed the everyday
Into radiant brilliance

Columbia, Berkeley, Rome
Athens, London, Paris, Berlin
Maybeckís Temples
Mount Olympusís Vision!
Life is not for finding yourself
Life is to be lived!
I met you in Muncie

36 slide projectors, 10,000 slides
Cornfields of Indiana observed and glorified

Architect, Cinematographer, Urbanist.
Painter, Photographer, Filmmaker,
treasured travel, travel treasures,
travel teacher, time travel


Dear John,
It was all about you
Itís all about us

Books on the shelves
Boxes of toys in the mail
Barges on the canal
Chicago. The Art Institute…Samothrace!


The Keys to your kingdom
Unlocked the secrets of our school
Art is life. Life is art.

XXXX Humboldt Boulevard
Vine Covered Sanctum
Resphiggi, Vivaldi, Chopin and Bach
One piano Two pianos Cameras AND CARS!
A man’s home is his castle!
And everyone is invited!

Roger, Martin, Carol, and Don
Ms. Maryia, Werner, Leah and Tom
Uta, Andrea, Felice and Vicki
Zelda, George, Nadine and Roland
Garret, May, Tony, mornings with Nancy
Anders, Doug, Carl Ray. R and HM

(PEOPLE who Need People are the luckiest people in the world)

Avocado, artichoke, asparagus alchemy
Passions of the Mysteries
Salads for Senate Meetings
In the Kitchen with Julia!
Like the glass asks for wine

Eros: God of Love and Beauty
Agape: Goddess of Truth.
Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite, Circe,
Dionysian dance of happiness

Choreographed Reconstructions
Imaginations MetaPhysically Realized
Multi Media Museum Masterpieces
Slow solemn soulfull searches
The sublime Illuminated
Looking beneath the glass darkly
The Visual Splendour Experienced
Seeing face to face clearly

You introduced me to Mark
And Children followed
1..2..3..4..and yes, they all play the piano

Seven souls, seven circles
Seven layers of life to go
Architecture, Interior Architecture, Designed Objects
We continue to know.

4737 South Ellis Avenue, Hyde Park
An Exposition castle a Mercedes chariot
Love again
Merry Muse, Perceptive Poet
Compassionate Converser
Gentle Generous Mentor to Many
Like the flower needs the rain
Pied Piper True friend

An Enchanted life, An Extraordinary Life.

Dear John,
It was all about loving you
It is all about you loving us
Like the morning needs the sun
Thank you ever so much.
Until we meet again

One Response to John Kurtich 1935-2004

  1. Bill McCabe says:

    Cue talent and … Cut!
    Sorry to hear of this.

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