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Curating by Coffee Cup

November 29, 2013

SAIC students set out to examine the intricacies surrounding coffee production,...

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20 Years of Student-run Galleries

November 22, 2013

You Can Almost Buy SUGs a Drink.

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Where to Show Your Work

February 15, 2013

Hallways, galleries, stairwells and more at SAIC.

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My Ghost at Home, Inaugural Show at Parallax...

October 1, 2011

The curators at the Student Union Galleries strive for consistency and succeed.

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Present Yourself at SUGS

September 21, 2010

Give a hyperspeed, mini presentation of your work, studies, background, current...

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Human Relations

April 5, 2010

Reviews of Cole Chickering’s “Friends in Common” and of “Anatomy of a...

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