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The Life of Art in the City


Art spaces    

Building Roots:

The Installation of a Chicago Artists Community
By Abby Glogower

Schooling Artists to the City's ways:

What the Department of Cultural Affairs Offers You
By Amber Smock

The Other Art Schools of Chicago

By Robyn Coffey



Travel and Politics, Destination: Turkmenistan

By Dimitry Tetin

A Psychic Tells F what to expect for Halloween, the 2004 Election, and the Future of the World

By Manda Aufochs Gillespie

How a Spelling Bee Champion Got Me Back Into the Studio

By Gwendolyn Zabicki

Wicker Park Hipsters

By Caroline Picard



The Witch's House

Episode One in a Multi-part Series of the Adventures of a Young Boy Coming of Age in a Small Town
By Michael Koby


Art News:

The Irreplaceable Leon Golub

By Michelle Zis

Terra: The Closing of Chicago's Third Largest Museum

By María Elena Murguía

Art Watch

Winners Announced in Ground Zero Competition
Police Closer to Recovering Stolen Masterpieces
Abu Graib Torture Photographs on Display
By Robyn Coffey



The Art In Dreams

By Nicolette Bond

Artist Interviews

Da Dreams in Time: SAIC Artist Stephanie Brooks Talks About Down Time

By Beverly Rauenberg

Beethoven Revisited

Free Radio SAIC Talks to Norwegian Conceptual Artist Leif Inge
By Scott Lockard

Interview With New York Painter Hilary Harkness

By Laura Smith

Web Special

Kicking Back in Space:  An Interview with Gallerist Monique Meloche

By Murphy Dunn