APR '20

Tinder in the Time
of COVID-19

Not even a quarantine can stop the
boys of Tinder: A photo essay

By Lex Chilson


Lex Chilson (BFAW 2023) is a poet, filmmaker, and journalist hailing from the North Side of Chicago. You can find her trying not to fall asleep on the Red Line most mornings.

Illustration by Shannon Lewis

The following images are photo collages I made during my coronavirus quarantine. These are all real messages that men have sent me on Tinder. The world has felt incredibly lonely and overwhelming, so I think a look into Tinder serves not only as a great source for content, but also an incredible distraction during these sad times. My collages reflect on how online dating culture persists, adapts, or dies in a time of social distancing. I do not mean to belittle the pain and trauma caused by the virus; instead, this project uses a different lens to look at how the coronavirus has changed our everyday lives. Enjoy and stay healthy!

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