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Young Adult’s Return to High School More Traumatizing...

January 5, 2012

“...Reitman takes his audience on a dark ride into a past many of us would...

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Jane Birkin @ Portage Theater


Live at the Portage Theater: Jane Birkin

December 8, 2011

One part Mick Jagger and one part Marlene Dietrich, with a dash of Edith Piaf.

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Miami Art Fair Shut Down

December 8, 2011

Life as an artist isn’t all the glamour it’s made out to be. While...

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Rebecca Solnit’s River of Shadows

December 1, 2011

An interview with the prolific author about her work on Eadweard Muybridge,...

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Nature Fight!

December 1, 2011

  I feel vaguely bad for watching Nature Fights, but it’s also...

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Feeling stressed?

November 24, 2011

While millions of Americans are checking their real-life bags this week as they...

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More Art/DNA Intersections

November 10, 2011

The New York Times reported a few days ago that researchers had proven the...

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Science | New Heath Study Reveals Mortality Imminent

November 3, 2011

A study released on the New York Times Health Blog reports that women who...

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Farewell, Friedrich Kittler

October 20, 2011

Media theorists mourn the loss of one of the greats this week: Friedrich...

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Some sports journalism

October 13, 2011

I love art as much as the next person, don’t get me wrong, but these days...

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Crash Course in Canadian Culture

June 22, 2011

Canada Day is July 1: learn what to eat, drink, watch, and listen to while...

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