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SAIC Beat S03E03 – Two Lies & A Truth: Vincent Elliott

By Featured, Multimedia, SAIC

Illustration by Cat Cao.

Bio: SAIC MFA Writing first-year. Native Calgarian, adopted Kentuckian, onetime election interferer. Yes, really.

Inconsequential Love: MLS soccer scarves, of which he owns somewhere between 70 and 80.

One of these stories is true, and the other two are fabrications. Your hosts must guess which…

Story #1: Prior to the 1988 Olympics, the city of Calgary ran an essay contest, the winner of which would run a leg of the Olympic torch relay. Vincent’s older brother won, and his egalitarian parents ensured that all Elliott siblings both got to run the torch.

Story #2: Ai Weiwei once sent Vincent a photo of his (Ai’s) cat.

Story #3: A pro-pineapple regular of Orlando’s in Lexington, KY, Vincent’s ardor led the restaurant to name a pizza after him.

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