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Valerie: Design stresses me out, even though it’s a lot of fun. I write essays to take a break from architecture. So, I’m thinking of going into academia after SAIC but recently, mental health has come to my attention. I’ve been reading a lot about it and thinking about the fact that there’s not a lot of wellness in architecture. It’s the complete opposite, especially within architecture education, let alone designing for mental health. You realize how important it is because you’re designing literal environments for people that affect their psychology and wellbeing. It’s so important for that to be one of the core issues of design. So I’ve been talking to a former SAIC architecture student about that and trying to figure out how the two can come together. Happiness is something that I choose every day, and it doesn’t depend on the things that happen to me. Shitty things might happen, but as long as you have a positive attitude and you’re aware of what you’re grateful for — for me anyway, that’s what keeps me strong.


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