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Photographed by Lidia Madrid.


“If I ever make something in general, it’s usually sculptural but also architectural at the same time. And I always try to have a balance of form and space and how I can incorporate color and really give it meaning to why I chose to have a certain module be specific colors. But it’s not that easy to figure out because even just using color in like architecture class like Studio 3 and all that — I don’t know why — but i’m always using primary colors on my boards. Like not even when I’m making boards to pin up like even painting, I always try to have a yellow background. It just feels more interesting than having anything on a white background. There’s something about the color yellow. I think it’s a fact that it’s the first color that the eye sees? Or notices? I read that somewhere. I would like to go to the navy so I can figure out how to like naval architecture so I can be a naval architect. And if not, I would probably go to the Peace Corps. I want to expand my knowledge but also allow it to benefit somebody else other than myself.”

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