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Photographed by Lidia Madrid.


“I just really like walking around. I just love being outside and just feeling the atmosphere, the air, everything. I know walking is kinda basic but it’s so much fun to me. This one time, I was ordering this plush Kirby from Amazon and I had the choice to deliver it at my house or have it delivered to a locker that’s a few blocks away and I was like “I’m gonna send it to the locker cause I wanna walk over there.” It’s a little adventure, y’know, to get my Kirby. Throughout the last part of second semester, I was going through a hard time at home and I was like “best way to get through it is by making art about it, man.” So I wanted to explore different scenarios in which me and my mom or my dad have interacted or me and my sister. And I wanted to express it through my lil plushies. Every time I tell someone what they are I’m like it’s just a “him.” I would have different situations with the way they were entangled with one another. It was a step up from the installation I had done before. I feel like I was able to realize what I was into in terms of installation and soft sculpture.”

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