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Photographed by Lidia Madrid.


“During the summer before Freshman year I started customizing shoes. I would paint on them just to make them look a little unique and give them my own flavor. I would see a white shoe as a canvas. My goal at the moment is working in the fine line between sculpture and fashion just because a lot of the shows nowadays from people that customize shoes, they’ll recreate existing silhouettes with different materials and different colors and stuff like that so it’s the same shoe that you’ve already seen but it looks different. And then there’s the other extreme which is sculpture with all these extremely wacky, innovative shoes but they can’t be worn cause they’re made out of a certain material or it’s too hard and it’s all conceptual. So I wanna work in the middle, where you treat the shoe as a piece of art so every shoe that I make there’s only going to be one of that shoe to ever exist so that its like the equivalent of owning a painting. I actually got all these neck tattoos because I didn’t want to work for somebody I never believed in putting all the work to achieve someone else’s dream I’d rather put all that work into myself.”

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