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On the streets of London, men’s fashion week may have ended, but on the streets of Chicago at SAIC, things are just beginning…

“This is Chicago,” you say –– far from the UK.
Yet, it might as well be called Oxford when you look downward.
Though the name you view comes from the shoe, continuing uppa still inspires a cuppa with indeed all folks decked in tweed.
From she-wear and he-wear, this day wear is they-wear.
The brief of the news? The mode is run by shoes.

As seen throughout the streets of Chicago and the halls of SAIC, menswear’s the thing – regardless of gender. On the street, the oxford style of shoe has been giving in a regular appearance in some form or other.

Around campus, students translating the oxford shoe to full Oxfordian professor throughout their wear look seems to be the mode this January.
Fittingly so, as coming back from break, the statement to make’s in the socks and the shoes to beat the mid-winter blues.
Lead feet first, Chicagoans and SAIC students put their best foot forward.
With a brigade of oxfords and burst of brilliant color, as seen through the shoe-spun style this January, the game does indeed seem to be afoot.


Don’t step on my blue suede shoes

(Seen on State Street)


Cheerio, and sock it to ‘em
(Seen off of Chicago and State in a bowler, oxfords and spiffy socks)


Complementary Color Scheme
(Walking down Wabash)


Converse-ational Socks
(Off of Grand)


London fog
(Seen on State Street, decked in a very Burberry-Londonian-esque trench)


Stepping on the subway


Elevated platform
(In the SAIC elevators)


From the streets to the school
(Spotted in Sharp)


Color scheme
(In the Leroy Neiman lobby)


A chip Off the Old Rib

Maddie kodat was seen wearing menswear in Sharp.
From  her oxford shoes to an oxford shirt topped with pullover Polo jumper, Maddie, a Junior and VCS/Writing major is decked out a la menswear-inspired style, not out of place in an English study room.
Maddie turned a feminine twist on things with a pop of salmon pink on the soles of her shoes and red lips.


Looking Twee

Here we see Jackson Van Matre, a senior Interior Architecture major: another scholar in oxfords, looking like an Oxford scholar.


Clearly pop art

Hailey Madison, a freshman, headed for a degree in Art Therapy, with her see-through black-laced boots, cleverly coordinated with her black blunt bob and B&W Kahlo top, looking borderline YBA Punk pop, yeah? Yeah. Yeah.

SAIC Student 6 1

Socks and stripes

Sitting contemplatively in the caff (English slang, café) Yuka Yang, a freshman VisCom and Fashion major speaks through her socks, shoes, and stripes with an interplay of texture and pop of patterning, combined with her jumper and Beatles-style Chelsea boots.


Tea cozy

Brianne Fudala, a freshman Bachelor of Fine Arts student, was looking fine indeed in a cozy coat terrifically textured in English-moss-gone-mode. Paired with a pair of yellow trainers, Brianne gave a vibe of English country road.


High-Topic of Converse-ation

Saverio Caponi, a junior and sound/new media major.

Jessica Barrett Sattell

Design & Tech Writer. Web Editor of F Newsmagazine + Arts Journalism Grad Student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Alexia Casanova

Marseille - London - Mexico - Chicago. Arts Editor of F Newsmagazine. Arts Management Grad Student at SAIC.

Troy Pieper

A writer and editor based in Chicago, Illinois. I provide fresh, compelling arts and culture content to a variety of publications and write powerful, targeted copy for a range of institutions.

Alyssa Moxley

Alyssa Moxley graduated SAIC with an MFA in Sound. Using multiple voices, microphone techniques, field recording, music, sound design, and speaker placement, she plays with memory as both a personal and shared medium.

Kimia Maleki

Kimia Maleki is a master’s candidate in the Department of Arts Administration and Policy at SAIC.