A Feast of Words

November 19, 2014
/   School

SAIC writers get experimental with The Dining Room, a student group that gives participants a chance to share their works-in-progress with an audience.

Strong For Hong Kong

November 18, 2014
/   News

A photo report and interviews with SAIC students protesting the voting rights ordinance.

Patti Smith Conjures the Dead

November 16, 2014
/   Music

The legendary musician, writer and artist swung by Chicago on All Soul's Day. One fan writes about the experience.

Resurgence or Emergence?

/   Film Review

An Imagist-inspired interview with director Leslie Buchbinder and cinematographer Brian Ashby on their recent documentary, Hairy Who & The Chicago Imagists

Colleen Plumb’s Elephant on the Wall

November 13, 2014
/   Chicago

The Chicago-based video artist is undertaking a three-month experiment in translating her video piece "Thirty Times A Minute" into guerrilla screenings in Chicago streets.

5 Questions: Norman Teague

November 10, 2014
/   Profiles

F Newsmagazine talks with the Master of Design student in designed objects to learn more about his work, process, and what's next.

Open Curiosity, Open Source

/   Technology

This year's INST-INT art and technology conference in Minneapolis brought a number of opportunities that contributed to the ongoing building of a sharing-based community of makers and thinkers.

Exploring “Europe’s Most Expensive Chapel”

August 24, 2014
/   Arts & Culture

Lisbon’s Igreja de São Roque (Church of Saint Roch) sports a deceptively plain white facade, but the interior of the 17th-century building is home to some of the most prized (and allegedly expensive) Catholic art and architecture in all of Europe.

Pzzzt – The Buzz from Albania

July 29, 2014
/   Art Review

The narrow mouth of a communist-era air-raid shelter beneath an apartment building is the home to Tirana’s independent artist-run gallery space.

Alternative Art Spaces in Chicago

August 5, 2013
/   Feature Stories

Where They Began and Where They Are Now

With identities as diverse as the neighborhoods they occupy, alternative art spaces operate on the same basic premise: to share contemporary art not exhibited in Chicago’s established art institutions.

Compasses Not Maps

September 11, 2014
/   Technology

Speculative Design shies away from design for mass consumption, which relies on generalizing about groups of people to create one profitable solution. Charlesworth explained her past jobs in design consulting and service design as something she found “ethically difficult.”

The Graphic Imperative: Review

December 3, 2008
/   Subfeature

The Graphic Imperative, a traveling retrospective of international political posters from 1965 to 2005, is currently showing at Loyola University.

Mindless Internet Control

November 4, 2013
/   Feature Stories

The Circulation and Trade of Your Personal Data

How many things are you doing at your computer right now? It's becoming harder and harder to unplug, and Internet-based companies are taking advantage of our addictions.

Overhauling the Overburden

April 11, 2014
/   Feature Stories

Laurie Palmer, longtime Professor of Sculpture at SAIC, began a research project to understand, through her own partiality and subjectivity, the processes that people carry out to transform the freely given materials of the earth into private commodities.

For anyone that was not able to make it out to this fall’s SAIC BFA exhibition, Lawrence Pearson presents a selection of images highlighting the artists’ work in the show.

The exhibition, which ran Nov. 1 – 21 in SAIC’s Sullivan Galleries, included work from 80 undergraduate students working across multiple artistic disciplines.

Jessica Barrett Sattell

Design & Tech Writer. Web Editor of F Newsmagazine + Arts Journalism Grad Student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Troy Pieper

A writer and editor based in Chicago, Illinois. I provide fresh, compelling arts and culture content to a variety of publications and write powerful, targeted copy for a range of institutions.

Alyssa Moxley

Alyssa Moxley graduated SAIC with an MFA in Sound. Using multiple voices, microphone techniques, field recording, music, sound design, and speaker placement, she plays with memory as both a personal and shared medium.

Alexia Casanova

Marseille - London - Mexico - Chicago. Arts Editor of F Newsmagazine. Arts Management Grad Student at SAIC.

Kimia Maleki

Kimia Maleki is a master’s candidate in the Department of Arts Administration and Policy at SAIC.