It’s Taylor Swift’s Party

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One of the difficulties of art is that the public eye makes little effort to separate artists from the brands they cultivate. Taylor Swift is the latest artist to...

Above Snakes and Angel Lust

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From Doors and Authors to Porn and Smudges

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Sometimes the least likely of combinations brings the best results; the pairing of James Franco with a blooming literary career, despite the celebrity's fearless mediocrity, does not.

The New Ism

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Experience-based art gets redefined in light of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Sullivan Galleries exhibit A Proximity of Consciousness: Art and Social Action.

EXPO Chicago 2014

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A Kubrick Odyssey

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A look beyond Miami's Art Basel madness to two Miami photography galleries showing work by emerging artists and students.

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Twelve Movies Disguised As One

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“How do you plan a twelve-year production?” “You don’t,” said Richard Linklater, in an interview with The Guardian. “There’s always a life metaphor. How do we plan for our...

Startups Versus Astronauts

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“I think that’s the positive part of the privatization of space exploration,” Walczak explains. “You get rich people to do it first because they have the ability and then...

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Chicago Sign Painters

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Go West, Young Artists

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Lisbon’s Igreja de São Roque (Church of Saint Roch) sports a deceptively plain white facade, but the interior of the 17th-century building is home to some of the most prized (and allegedly expensive) Catholic art and architecture in all of Europe.

Pzzzt – The Buzz from Albania

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The narrow mouth of a communist-era air-raid shelter beneath an apartment building is the home to Tirana’s independent artist-run gallery space.

Alternative Art Spaces in Chicago

August 5, 2013
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Where They Began and Where They Are Now

With identities as diverse as the neighborhoods they occupy, alternative art spaces operate on the same basic premise: to share contemporary art not exhibited in Chicago’s established art institutions.

Compasses Not Maps

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Speculative Design shies away from design for mass consumption, which relies on generalizing about groups of people to create one profitable solution. Charlesworth explained her past jobs in design consulting and service design as something she found “ethically difficult.”

Prop 8 Protests

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The overwhelming popularity of our new president has generated a fervor for politics that this country hasn’t seen since the anti-Vietnam War sentiment of the 60s.

Skeptic on the March

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Exactly two years ago this weekend, while I was living in Boston, the streets erupted in protest against the impending war in Iraq. With rainbow-colored signs, drumming, marching, and general making of noise, legions of citizens indicated that this war was against the will of the people.

Diversity Mascots

May 7, 2014
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Pope.L invited speakers that were willing to be were clothed in full coverage costumes, mainly mascot costumes that are designed to cover the entire body.

Sarah and Joseph Belknap, "Fossil Fields" (2014) Special Edition for EDITION Chicago 2014. Photo Credits: CAC

Sarah and Joseph Belknap, “Fossil Fields” (2014) Special Edition for EDITION Chicago 2014. Photo Credits: CAC


After a very successful launch last year, EDITION Chicago is back at Chicago Arts Coalition! Coinciding with EXPO Chicago, EDITION will take place all weekend, opening to the public this Friday at noon and closing on Sunday at 5pm.

This year, Chicago Arts Coalition (CAC) is celebrating 40 years of bringing together art and enterprise and promoting artistic leaders around Chicago. They founded EDITION in partnership with Chicago-based gallery owner Andrew Rafacz with a twofold aim: supporting emerging artists, and providing art enthusiasts with high quality artworks at a moderate price.

In addition to all the regular gallery exhibitions, 2012-2013 BOLT residents Sarah and Joseph Belknap have been invited to create work sold exclusively at EDITION. For the occasion, the Belknaps, both SAIC alumni will be creating “Fossil Fields”, a series of 25 silicone wall sculptures.

The entry to EDITION is free — yet another effort from CAC to cultivate artistic opportunities that deserves to be acknowledged — and a $10 donation that will help creating more innovative initiatives is suggested.

Galleries exhibiting at EDITION Chicago 2014 come from everywhere. Among others, you will find: Yautepec from Mexico City; Ochi Shop from Ketchum, Idaho; Segura Arts Studio from South Bend, Indiana; and a few local galleries too such as the Andrew Rafacz Gallery, THE MISSION, LVL3, the Vertical Gallery and of course CAC.

Have a peek at some of the works that will be on show this weekend.




Megan Stroech, “Mountain Tail”, (2014). Photo Credits: CAC


Houston Cofield, “Tracks, Sardis, MS”, (2013). Photo Credits: CAC


LaurenClay AnimusAnima

Lauren Clay, “Animus” and “Anima”, (2014). Photo Credits: LVL3

Peter Shear1

Peter Shear, “Clock”, (2014). Photo Credits: LVL3

Chagoya sm

Enrique Chagoya, “Untitled (The Near Distant Jungle)” (2014). Photo Credits: Segura Arts


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