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Representation as the New Attachment

March 4, 2013

A conversation with Assaf Evron.

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Majoring in Marriage

February 27, 2013

The MRS-degree is alive and well at U.S. colleges.

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More Than a Horse Dance

February 6, 2013

The meaning of Gangnam style by SAIC Art History Instructor SooJin Lee.

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Art Review: Fractal Semblance at Roots and Culture

February 3, 2013

Binaries and doubles reveal their rupture and illusions disclose their...

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Best Music Videos of 2012 with Female Protagonists...

December 16, 2012

annihilating assumptions about what it means to be a “video girl”...

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Junot Díaz Advocates for “De-Colonial Love”

December 10, 2012

In a video the writer discusses his work and the issues he is interested in as...

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The Most Embarrassing Thing I Could Do

December 4, 2012

Student Jason Guo asserts his identity through provocation.

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Machinations: Kinetic Sculpture in the Age of Open-source

October 1, 2012

What do ideas of open-source promise, and what do they deliver?

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John Cale


Preview: Brilliant Corners of Popular Amusements

September 18, 2012

Step Right Up to Chicago’s Civilized Music Festival

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Roy Lichtenstein — A Multi-Trick Pony

July 26, 2012

Drawing inspiration from the two-dimensional subject matter of comics,...

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Pushing the Limits of Photography at the MOCP

March 20, 2012

“Photography and painting co-exist quite happily here...”

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