Associated Collegiate Press

Pacemaker Award
2013,2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2003, 1999, 1998, 1993

2015 Illinois College Press Association

Best Online News Site
First Place, F Newsmagazine

Feature Page Design
First Place, Meghan Ryan Morris (MFA 2014)
Second Place, Freddy Eschrich (MFA 2014) and Jessica Barrett Sattell (MA 2015)

Graphic Illustration
Third Place, Meghan Ryan Morris (MFA 2014)

Editorial Cartoon
Third Place, Rae Kim Job (BFA 2016)

Front Page Layout Design
Honarable Mention, Freddy Eschrich (MFA 2014), Jordan Martin (BFA 2015) and Meghan Ryan Morris (MFA 2014)

Editorial Cartoon
Honorable Mention, Berke Yazicioglu (BFA 2015)

31st Gold Circle Awards

NEW YORK, NY – The Columbia Scholastic Press Association announces the winners from its 31st Gold Circle Awards program. This year attracted 11,407 entries produced by students at colleges, universities and secondary schools throughout the United States.

Below are F Newsmagazine’s awards for 1st, 2nd place and Certificate of Merit (CM).

N39. | N40. | N41. Overall Design
2. Staff, F Newsmagazine

N57. Op-Ed or News Analysis Page Design Portfolio of work
1. Meghan Ryan Morris, F Newsmagazine

N75. | N76. | N77. Single Subject News or Feature Package, Two Pages, Double-truck or Special Section Design Tabloid format
3. Frederick Eschrich, “Syria: Facts, Figures and Opinions”

N15. Headline writing
1. Staff, F Newsmagazine

N17. Briefs writing
2. Alexia Casanova and Troy Pieper

N18. Sidebar writing
2. Alyssa Moxley, “The Sound of One Man Thinking”

N2. In-depth news/feature story
CM. Alex Wolff, “Cash 4 Sperm”

N5. Personal opinion: Off-campus issues
1. Nadine Mostafa, “Silence is Surrender”

N8. First person experience
2. H. Melt, “The Right to Use My Own Name”

N12. Personality profile
CM. Anjulie Rao, “The Patron Saint of Self-Mutilation”

N27. Single spot news photograph
CM. Tessa Elbetter, “Boots on the Ground”

2013 Illinois College Press Association

In November, F received the Pacemaker Award for 2013. The Associated Collegiate Press and the Newspaper Association of America Foundation have co-sponsored the Newspaper Pacemaker competition since 1971. ACP began the awards in 1927. This is an award for General Excellence. “Judges select Pacemakers based on the following: coverage and content, quality of writing and reporting, leadership on the opinion page, evidence of in-depth reporting, design, photography, art and graphics.”

The judges presented the staff with a plaque with an image of the March 2013 cover, which featured a photo by our brilliant and sadly missed staff photographer, Chris Johnson.

F received the following awards at the February convention of the Illinois College Press Association. Here is a list, with some judges’ comments:

First Place, General Excellence:
“The editors of FNewsmagazine deliver a professional, high-quality publication that reflects the energy and creativity of SAIC. Though it doesn’t fit the format of a traditional student newspaper, its broad range, engaging presentation and high standards reflect well on its staff and the school.”

1st Place, Feature Story (other than sports)
Nadine Mostafa (pseudonym), “Silence is Surrender” (About Syria)
“Powerful and intelligent, almost too much so: more magazine style than newspaper. Brave.”

1st Place, Feature Page Design
Alli Berry, “1 Moment of Extended Brokenness.”
“Well-written; lots of quotes. Clean layout echoes digital electronics. Images, fonts and layout mirror the subject matter. Liked that the 3 stories can work independently of each other and don’t have to be read in a certain order.”

3rd Place Feature Page Design
Frederick Eschrich, “Syria: Facts, Figures and Opinions”
“Nice package; good illustrations; 2-color very effective. Proof-read!”

2nd Place Critical Review: Film
Diana Buendia

3rd Place, Feature Photo
Chris Johnson, “Happiness is a Cold Gun”

Honorable Mention, General News Photo
Chris Johnson, “School Closings Stir Up Teachers Union”
“Great idea with solid composition.”

3rd Place, Spot News Photo
Tessa Elbettar, “Boots on the Ground”
“A good basic protest/rally photo of a current event.”

Student Society for News Design 2012

Overall design of a newspaper
First Place: F Newsmagazine

Designer of the Year
Second Place: Alli Berry
Honorable Mention: Joe Carpentar, Patrick M. Jenkins

Special Section
First Place: Eric Baskauskas, “–liner”
Honorable Mention: Alli Berry, “Endless Summer”

Information Graphic
Honorable Mention: Quinn Keaveney, “A Year at SAIC”

First Place: Joe Carpenter, “The Happy Housekeeper”
Third Place: Joe Carpenter, “Connect the Dots”

Front Page Tabloid
Second Place: Alli Berry, “Now is the Winter of our Discontent”

Newspaper Page Design
First Place: Emily Haasch, “You Will Pay”
Third Place: Joe Carpenter, “Interning or Indentured”
Honorable Mention: Alli Berry, “Taking Over the Streets”

2012 Illinois College Press Association

Headline writing
1st place: Staff, F Newsmagazine

News Story
1st place: Diana Buendia

Opinion page(s)
1st place: Margot Brody, Patrick Jenkins

Photo essay
1st place: Ben Macri

Feature photo (including sports)
3rd place: Ben Macri

Editorial cartoon
3rd place: Cody Tumblin

Critical review (other than film)
Honorable mention: Kristofer Lenz

Front page layout
Honorable mention: Staff, F Newsmagazine

2011 Illinois College Press Association

General Excellence
Second Place: F Newsmagazine

In-Depth Reporting
First Place:Ania Szremski, “Getting Paid: Chicago art critics talk money”

Multimedia Reporting
First Plave: Nick Briz, “F Studio Visits: Kyle Evans”

Special Supplement
Second Place: Eric Baskauskas, “-liner”

Feature Story
Third Place: Annette Elliot, “A Flower Between the Cracks: Third Place”

Feature Page Design
Third Place: Alli Berry, “Chicago Psychics”

Front Page Layout
Honorable Mention: Eric Baskauskas, Sungwoo Suh, Alli Berry, February 2011, March 2011, April 2011

Multimedia Reporting
Third Place: Dijana Kadic and Chelsey Hoff, “Men at Work”

Feature Story
Honorable Mention: Brandon Kosters, “Erotic Therapy: Chicago Dominatrices”

In-House Promotional Ad
Second Place: Joe Carpenter, “Are Words Your Thing?” (crossword puzzle)

Graphic Illustration
Honorable Mention: Eric Baskauskas, “An Artpocalypse?”

Advertisements Less Than Full Page
Honorable Mention: Eric Baskauskas, Exchequer Pub ad.

2011 ACP Pacemaker Awards

Four-year Non-daily Newspaper
Finalist: F Newsmagazine

Environmental Portrait
Honorable Mention: Alli Berry

2010 Student Society for News Design Awards

F Newsmagazine won awards from the Student Society for News Design, including Second Place for Best Overall Design and Second Place for Best Overall College News Web Site, in a category in which we were competing with websites of daily newspapers throughout the country.

Overall design of a newspaper
Second Place: F Newsmagazine

Best overall college news Web site
Second Place: F Newsmagazine

Newspaper front page design for a newspaper published three times a week or less.
First Place: Cody Petruk, “Why Design?”
Honorable Mention: Javier Lopez, “Literacy Issue”

Features page design
Second Place: Silas Reeves, “A manual for relief”

Honorable Mention: Olivia Liendo, “Peevee the Freelancer”

Information graphics
Javier Lopez, “Big bucks in the Big 10″, “A manual for relief”

2010 Illinois College Press Association Awards

Feature Page Design
First Place: Olivia Liendo, “Design Heroes”
“Hands down winner. This presentation is clean, crisp and inviting. It would do proud thevery designers to whom this lovely package pays homage. Marvelous work!”
―Judge: John Plevka, Managing Editor, Journal Star (Peoria)

Full Page Advertisement
First Place: Silas Reeves (design) and Nidhi Isaac (photo), “Chicago’s New Literary Community”
“One of the coolest ads I have ever seen, in any contest. Awesome!”
―Judge: Jeff Holman, Illinois Press Association.
First Place: David Essman, “Due to budget cuts, we could not publish David Essman’s comic. Please enjoy these ads in its place.” (David filled ½ page with satirical ads.)
“Funny yet pointed. Wonderful layout and bold use of black and white. Outstanding.”
―Judge: Chris Britt, The State Journal-Register.

Photo Essay

Second Place: Jennifer Mosier, “Keeping your Money Safe”

Feature Page Design

Third Place: Elliott Beazley, “The Modern Wing”
“Sophisticated, user-friendly presentation. Gorgeous stuff. Hard to stop looking at this one.”
―Judge: John Plevka, Managing Editor, Journal Star (Peoria).

Multimedia Reporting

Second Place: Quintin Roper, Casilda Sanchez, “Fashion Focus ’09″
Judge: Ryan Denham, online news editor, Pantagraph.

Online Publication

Honorable Mentions: Natalie Edwards, Brook Jonquil, and Casilda Sanchez

Critical Review

Second Place: Natalie Edwards

Graphic Illustration

Honorable Mention: Elliott Beazley and Mike Gibisser, “The Possibility of its Loss”
“Lots of information, glad to have the graphic.”
―Judge: Matt Schury, reporter, Kendall County Record.

Special Supplement

Third Place: Beth Capper, Emily Bauman, and Aaron Hoffman, “Taxing”
Judge: Lynn Saputo, Graphic Designer, Illinois Press Association.
Third Place: Beth Capper, Emily Bauman, and Aaron Hoffman, “The Moving Image”

Editorial Cartoon

Second Place: Alexandra Westrich, “Surgeons or Saboteurs?”
“Wonderful visual. Well-crafted. Full of rich detail.”
―Judge: Chris Britt, The State Journal-Register.

Student Society of News Design 2008 Design Contest

F Newsmagazine was awarded Best in Overall Design by the Student Society of News Design in its 2008 design contest, as well as a number of other awards for our designers; Mary Louise Killen was our art director. The Student Society for News Design is affiliated with the professional organization for newspaper designers and illustrators, the Society for News Design.

In recent years, F Newsmagazine has won the Pacemaker Award and On-Line Pacemaker Award from the Associated Collegiate Press and Newspaper Asssociation of America, as well as Silver and Gold Crown awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and Best Website from the Illinois College Press Association.

F Newsmagazine won the most awards in the non-daily newspaper category. Aaron Hoffman, our art director, was named Second Place Designer of the Year. Here are our other winners:

Features: One page or spread

First Place: Basor Guyukkusoglu, “Art of Excess”
Third Place: Aaron Hoffman, “Four Models”

Honorable Mentions
Lin Tan, “Front Lines”
Aaron Straus, “E for all”
Mary Louise Killen, “The Art of War”

Photos: One page or spread

First Place: Javier Lopez, “Ecuador”
First Place: Brigitte, “Ink”

Magazine spread design

Second Place: Aaron Hoffman, “Feeling Local”

Third Place: Javier Lopez and Aaron Hoffman, “Waiting for Godot in New Orleans”

Magazine or special section cover

First Place: Eric, “Politics and art”
Second Place: Aaron Straus, Amand Sukenick, “Disorientation”

Information Graphics

First Place: Javier Lopez, “Helvetica”
Second Place: Elliott Beazley, “Vandalize this!”


First Place: Eric Garcia, “Art < Politics”
Third Place: Maria Squeri, “Feeling Local”

Honorable Mentions
Alexandra Westrich
Eric Garcia (“El Machete”)

Online Newspapers, Other Online Presentation

First Place: Lin Tan/Jason Conny/Joe Post, Designers
Fifth Place: Eric Garcia, Editorial Illustration

Newspapers, Photo page/Spread:

Second Place: Javier Lopez, Designer

Magazines, Cover:

Third Place: Basar Buyukkusogly, Designer
Fifth Place: Eric Garcia, Designer

Associated Collegiate Press, 2008

Pacemaker Award: Monica LaBelle and Jesse Stein, Editors.

Scripps Howard National Journalism Award, 2007

Charles Schulz College Cartooning Award, Second Place, Lucy Knisely

Scripps Howard National Journalism Award, 2006

Charles Schulz College Cartooning Award, First Place, Russell Gottwaldt