Sex, Love & Discrimination

April 12, 2013
/   Feature Stories / Simone Thompkins

Dating in a ‘Post-Racial’ America

The racial component makes the subject of discrimination in dating tricky. Although we live in a country beset by marital inequality, no one can stop you from liking who you like, or make you like someone you don’t. We also live in a country of conflicting ideology. Everything from fables of the American Dream, to the Constitution, to the “Equal Opportunity” disclaimer at the bottom of a job application want you to believe in a post-racial, post-gender world where everyone can pick themselves up by their bootstraps and make their dreams reality.


The Commercial Non-Profit

February 11, 2013
/   Feature Stories / Holly Bresnahan

Alderman Exhibitions Puts Artists and Viewers First

Inventive programming events like this have distinguished Alderman Exhibitions, recently established by 32-year-old Ellen Alderman, from other galleries in Chicago’s West Loop. Program Director at the Graham Foundation, the Chicago-based non-profit specializing in architecture and the fine arts, Alderman has integrated principles acquired through her non-profit role into the structure of her for-profit gallery, proving that traditional art world boundaries are anything but fixed.



November 12, 2012
/   Feature Stories / Michelle Weidman

Dr. Susan Stryker Lectures on the History and Evolution of Transgender studies.

The lecture focused on the history of transgender studies and how it has earned legitimacy, to a point where a self-identified trans person like Dr. Stryker can contribute to the discourse as a figure of authority, rather than as merely the subject of the conversation.

Stryker started the lecture by defining the ‘Transgender Phenomenon’ as that which ‘disrupts or denaturalizes the normative phenomenon,’ as distinguished from a transgender ‘thing’ — that is, a stable and singular identity or set of traits.



September 3, 2013
/   Feature Stories / Nicole Rhoden

Remembering SAIC Professor, Artist, Anthropologist, Haitian Vodou Expert and Rumoured Witch Marilyn Houlberg

“When she would walk into a room, it was like a forgotten entity was walking in, like something you hear about in storybooks. It was like meeting someone who was the last of .”