Artist / As Writer / As Critic

September 30, 2013
/   Feature Stories / F Newsmagazine

An interview with Jason Lazarus and Sofia Leiby of Chicago Artist Writers

Chicago's diverse and active art community ensures a rich spectrum of projects and shows, but it can be a Darwinian fight for recognition. F Newsmagazine spoke with the co-founders of an online platform that facilitates written criticism to serve under-recognized Chicago arts venues.


Public Housing Personal Stories

April 3, 2014
/   Book Review / Annette Lepique

First Person Accounts from Chicago’s Demolished High Rises   According to the Red Eye’s Tracking Homicides in Chicago website, there were 23 homicides in January 2014. That is roughly half the total in January 2013. While such violent crime statistics represent a complicated mix of socio-economic and political disenfranchisement, Chicago is a city that has


A Matter of Degree

September 23, 2012
/   Feature Stories / Annette Elliot

Though countries such as England, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Australia and Japan have an established history of Fine Arts doctoral programs, the wordless dissertation remains a revolutionary idea in the United States. Artists and educators question whether the discipline needs a doctorate.