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First Person Accounts from Chicago’s Demolished High Rises   According to the Red Eye’s Tracking Homicides in Chicago website, there were 23 homicides in January 2014. That is roughly half the total in January 2013. While such violent crime statistics represent a complicated mix of socio-economic and political disenfranchisement, Chicago is a city that has [...]

Hands Together: An Icon Incarnate at The Roger Brown Study Collection

Exclusive curator interviews examine how an iconic image casts an intimate and odd gaze upon the role and importance of mythos and story.

An interview with Jason Lazarus and Sofia Leiby of Chicago Artist Writers

Chicago's diverse and active art community ensures a rich spectrum of projects and shows, but it can be a Darwinian fight for recognition. F Newsmagazine spoke with the co-founders of an online platform that facilitates written criticism to serve under-recognized Chicago arts venues.

1970s Film (now at Flaxman) Exceeds Genre Stereotypes   To the uninitiated and uninformed, the term “blaxploitation” may conjure up images of Pam Greer kicking ass in skin tight jumpsuits or Black Frankenstein’s unforgettable tagline, “To stop this mutha, takes one bad brutha!” However, Sam Greenlee’s film, “The Spook Who Sat By the Door,” once [...]