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A Celebration of Marilyn Houlberg’s Remarkable Life

By Old Multimedia Category, SAIC



As a followup to Nicole Rhoden’s piece “ODIGBA! Remembering SAIC Professor, Artist, Anthropologist, Haitian Vodou Expert and Rumoured Witch Marilyn Houlberg”, F Newsmagazine presents this two-part video from Fen Chen documenting professor Marilyn Houlberg’s memorial service at SAIC.

Part 1 documents the event held at SAIC’s Maclean Ballroom, while part 2 follows the attendees to Lake Michigan, where offerings are released into the water on wooden sailboats.

In case you missed it, be sure to read Nicole’s report for additional information on Marilyn’s remarkable life.

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  1. ODIGBA! says:

    […] A Celebration of Marilyn Houlberg’s… […]

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