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Talking To Jackasses

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by Brandon Kosters

I got to sit down with Johnny Knoxville and director Jeff Tremaine to discuss “Jackass 3-D.”

I haven’t gotten to see the entire thing, so there’s not much I can say really, other than that there’s a lot of poo and a Wee-Man getting beaten on with what appeared to be freshly killed Tuna. All of this in 3-D.

Seems like it offers precisely what you would expect.

Tremaine said the cameras used for the film shoot 1,000 frames a second.

It’s them celebrating the gimmickry of their … craft?… and is interesting also because it’s not just them out in the world causing mayhem with unsuspecting spectators. There’s a really great super slow segment (using a camera which, Tremaine said, shoots 1,000 frames a second) where it’s the Jackass crew in a studio wearing costumes doing asinine things with props. One of them comes out in a cupcake pinata and gets beaten. I already told you about the fish beating.

(Top) Johnny Knoxville. (Bottom) Johnny Knoxville sits with “Jackass 3-D” director Jeff Tremaine. Photos by Brandon Kosters.

I asked Knoxville what his mother thinks of all of this. “She’s not too psyched about the stunts,” he said. “The pranks, she likes. My father was a big prankster. I got a lot of that kind of thing from him.”

Someone asked Knoxville why college students should come see the film.

“‘Cause it’s fuckin’ funny. And it’s in 3-D, so it’s like you’re there with us.”

I suppose jackassy questions merit jackassy answers.

Check back soon for my interview with these guys. “Jackass 3-D” is in theaters October. 15th.

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