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LazerHappy Studios gathers momentum!

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by Katrina Kuntz

This summer, LazerHappy Studios—formerly a small gallery project based in painter/writer Adrian Tone’s own studio—moved into a West Loop gallery space. The gallery will kick off a small ongoing lecture series on Thursday, December 1, when Assistant Professor of Philosophy Raja Halwani will give a lecture on the meaning and philosophy of art.

Within the last year, the LazerHappy project has grown from a hangout and informal gallery space for Tone’s friends into a budding student-run organization. Tone, a senior in the Painting and Drawing department, and team members Anton Tokar (computer animation and design), Gerard Kilgallon (painting and photography), and David Crane (drawing and writing), promise a friendly gathering space to showcase and discuss new work, but do not “expect to solve any great moral truths or leave critics without a job.” Thank goodness for that last part.

Regular gallery hours are Saturdays 2-6 p.m. 1153 W. Grand (just off the Blue Line Grand stop).


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