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Book Review

In September 2004, Monacelli Press will release THE BUSINESS OF HOLIDAYS, an anthology of connected essays and images written and designed by Delicious Design group and edited by Maud Lavin. Many contributors to this highly graphic and quirky book are faculty, graduate students, or alumni of The School of the Art Institute. Created by a brainstorm in Lavin's Design and Writing course, THE BUSINESS OF HOLIDAYS will explore how subcultures are mainstreamed, the relationships between value systems and commercial profit, and how holidays are marketed through visual culture.


An overview of the three day festival as well as comments by founder Jonathan Wells. Included in the festival are motion graphic short films, sound pieces and music videos. The festival began in San Francisco with Chicago being the final stop.

Short Attention Span Reviews

Spectacular Vernacular reexamines the influence of subculture and its common symbology through the viewpoints of four contemporary artists. This exhibition features artworks that respond to popular culture by recontextualizing common iconography to blur the lines and distinctions between social use and material meaning.

A review of the exhibit of quilts done by African American woman in the south. This includes a discussion about the aesthetics of the quilts, the oral histories of the makers of the quilts, and the dignity they radiate within the galleries of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Music Review




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