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The students of a joint Fashion/Art History course, co-taught by Gillion Carrara and Monique Meloche, are organizing an exhibition of t-shirts for their capstone project. This course focuses both on studying the history of dress in the last century and its impact on other arts and culture, with a special emphasis on the unique considerations of curating an exbibition of garments.

museum signCultural Criticism

How importants is a Museum's Store not in only in terms of money but in terms of content. Museums' stores are more important than the museum, because its for free and you can see everything from the collections of the museum in the store. A study conducted last year by the Museum Retail Industry, highlighted the fiscal necessity of the museum store.

Certainty Redefined

F Gallery



Interviews:wildstyle graphic

Charlie Ahearn and Fab Five Freddy, the creators of Wild Style
Two artists talk with Free Radio SAIC about the rise of Pop Art and how New York has changed since then.

Art in Transition from Communism to capitalism: or, how two Romanian artists make up for lost time.
Romania has faced transitions since going from a Communist country to a social democracy. The arts are being affected by this change in the areas of state funding, the perception of contemporary art, and the ways art is understood in Romania. Two artists create their art archive, CAA, to disseminate ideas that have not been introduced into Romania.



the law and your uterusWhy Warhol?
Since Andy hit the scene in the early sixties, it seems that everything's been done. Within his own lifetime, Warhol was widely considered to have lost his "edge," making portraits of rich socialites and art collectors for the better part of the seventies. So why is it that fifteen years after his death, Warhol is as relevant as ever - quoted endlessly, his aesthetics ripped off shamelessly, and his namesake museum and archive thriving?

The "partial birth abortion" law and your uterus
A commentary about the new law signed in by President Bush which out-laws partial birth abortions. This article discusses the procedure, and the history of the law for the past decade. What are the issues sorrounding the controversy? Is it just?

Wal-Mart's inclusion policy: equal opportunity oppressor?

Within Sight, out of mind.
A thirty something's rant on living with consumerism in your American veins, like it or not.

The worst sex I ever had






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